4 Reasons You Should Encourage Kids to Play Chess

Chess is a wonderful game of the brain. You should encourage your children to play chess. Here are some reasons why kids should play chess.

Improves memory and concentration

Studies indicate that chess can improve a child’s attention span, visual memory, and spatial reasoning ability significantly. You need to focus on your objective, that is, capture the opponent’s king. You need to visualize the board constantly and concentrate. You should focus on your move and your opponent’s counter moves as well. You need to remember the past games and the strategies you learned to win the game.

Improves reading and math skills

You need to focus on problem-solving. You should try to solve the problem as your variable changes. Chess improves math skills of children. It also improves reading skills as you need to decode, think, comprehend and then analyze the moves.

Improves critical thinking ability and creativity

Chess players constantly need to think about ‘if-then’ situations. So, they need to deal with logic and critical thinking. Players need to imagine all the possible move alternatives. They need to train their mind to play with various possibilities.

Rewards hard work

Chess can give you immediate feedback. The moment you lose your focus, you lose your piece. By practicing and learning more strategies, you will be able to win the game. You are in control of your own destiny in chess.

You should encourage kids to learn and play chess. It has lots of benefits. It will help them in their studies and professional life as well.

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