Top 5 chess mistakes made by the beginners

Chess is a mind game and you should think before playing. The beginners often try to play the game without giving much thought. So, they make mistakes. Here are some of the major mistakes that the beginners make.

Random move of the pawn

When unsure about the next move, the beginners try to move the pawn. It is a mistake as pawns cannot come backward. The position of the pawn determines the plan of the game. You shouldn’t move the pawn; instead, you should try to improve your pieces’ position.

Moving a piece two times in the opening

It is important to get your pieces out during the opening phase of the game. You should try to develop the pieces by getting them out and move towards the center of the board. So, don’t try to play the same piece more than once in the opening; concentrate on getting the other pieces out.

Not castling

If you leave your king at the center without castling, then it’s very risky. You may soon lose the game. You should castle early and keep the pawns in front of the king.

Leaving the pieces alone

You shouldn’t leave any piece unguarded. Otherwise, the opponent will find a way to capture it. If you see that your opponent has an unprotective piece, then you should try to capture it.

You should always have a plan before you start playing chess. You should not only rely on your opponent’s moves. Try to avoid these mistakes and you will see that you are playing better.

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