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5 Tips for Playing Chess From a Grandmaster

Using the right tactics is very important for playing chess. You can spoil the game by missing the right tactic. Here are five tips from the professional chess players that can help to improve your game.

Look for forced move first

Forced move can be a capture, an attack or a check. It is a move that forces your opponent to take a step. You should take the forced move before your opponent does.

Look out for sacrifices

Sacrifice is a type of forced move. The grandmasters use this tactic all the time and they stress a lot about the importance of making this move.

Search for more tactical motifs

Tactics are made of motifs. Some common tactical motifs include fork, pin, skewer, back rank, double attack, removing the guard, interference, etc. You shouldn’t miss out on these tactical motifs.

Have a look at the entire board

Most of us make the mistake of focusing on the kingside attack. We miss looking at what’s on the rest of the board. We only focus on the part of the board where the action is. It is very important to look at the whole board before you make your move.

Practice solving the tactics

You should try to solve as many tactics as possible. The more patterns you see and try to solve them, the better you will learn. So, you will be able to make a wise move against your opponent.

Use these tips from the professionals when you play chess. You will see that your playing skill has drastically improved and you will be able to handle your opponent more confidently.

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